Back From the Villa

I haven’t put anything up for a few days as I was at the villa and then my computer decided to kick the bucket. Luckily I have managed to resurrect it. So, update to ‘My Dilemma’. I got to the villa and within 5 minutes I had a cigarette. It was a conscious choice and I suppose if I could somehow buy more will power, I would have and would have had no need for a cigarette.

For me life is not black and white. To love God and love life but smoke a cigarette may seem very hypocritical and I have no real excuse except to say that I had a thoroughly enjoyable time at the villa with my extended in-law family.

After being inspired by my friend Andrew’s website I have been regularly getting up at 4-5 am and going for a power walk before swimming for 15 – 20 minutes. I also recently added a bike ride in between and have been eating much better.

If you have read my testimony you will see that I was once a very unhealthy person. Since being saved I have quit smoking ( a task I definitely needed Jesus for ) rarely drink and lead a fairly healthy, productive life. As for my body being my temple…last night I got home at after 11pm because I was taking a bunch of orphans bowling for the first time in their lives, its now 4:45 am and here I am writing this, at 5am I will start my exercise routine and then ride my motorcycle 45 minutes though polluted smoggy Surabaya to teach children to live for God before returning home, through all the traffic to look after my family… body must hate me….but it is a temporary vessel and although I have faults, I just pray that God will help me to lead a life that brings Him glory and honor.

God Bless You


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