What Is A Real Blessing ? Part One

God NEVER blesses people with money !! If God sends more money your way, the blessing is an opportunity. Example : You get a million dollars. That million dollars is an opportunity to pay off your house debt, help your family, buy a new car, maybe retire or go into full time ministry BUT if you use the million dollars to buy drugs and alcohol then it is not a blessing but a curse.

If I said to you I was going to give you a million dollars, you would get very excited (if you believed me) and start planning what you would do BUT if I could stand face to face with Jesus and tell Him I was going to give Him a million dollars he would say “ What for ? I own the whole world and everything in it, money means nothing to me” God’s currency is NOT money, it is love and relationship.

Quick joke to illustrate, Bill Gates dies in a car crash and goes to heaven. At the gates he meets Jesus and quickly blurts out “ Look Jesus, I know I haven’t been the best Christian but I have been a pretty good person. Just gimme one favor would you ? “ Jesus nods and Bill continues “ Most of my money is in gold bars and if you’ll just gimme 10 minutes back on earth I would really appreciate it” Jesus nods again and suddenly Bill is back in his house. He runs to the closet, grabs a big suitcase and fills it up with as much gold as he can. A few minutes passes and suddenly he is back in heaven. This time it is Saint Peter he meets. “ Oh, g’day Bill, what you got there ? “ Bill smiles and unzips the suitcase with a big smile on his face. Saint Peter takes a look and says “ Great Bill, more street pavers”.

God gives you opportunities to know Him and to spend time with Him and relationship with Him and other people. He also gives you opportunities to do things with your life, to ‘prepare for and execute you ministry or destiny’ One of my favorite sayings is ‘ opportunity without preparation is pointless’ Get into your life, make opportunities to do things which are truly important, spend time with loved ones, help people, learn and study, seek God and then when he drops an opportunity into your lap, you will be ready to take it and make good use of it.

GBU, read part 2 below


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