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About a week ago I was invited to a meeting to discuss the problems in education in Surabaya. If you are not familiar with Indonesia you can’t understand the magnitude of social problems this country has. I’ll try and give you a quick synopsis.

Indonesia was controlled by the Dutch for 350 years. During that time, the ‘Indonesian people’ were suppressed and given very few rights. What education was available to them was created to ensure that they would fill their role as servants and farmers.

Indonesia became Independent from the Dutch a bit over 60 years ago. One of the things the first President of Indonesia did was to create a ‘business climate’. There were already quite a few Chinese people in Indonesia but Pak Soeharto encouraged more to come and fill the gap at the top of the business sector that the Dutch had left. The business climate was very much run through mutual back scratching and kick backs.

Until today, business and finances in Indonesia are monopolized by a small percent of the population ( 3-5%) and the vast majority of the population live in poverty and ignorance. He reason my meeting about education was so significant is that God has given me a passion for the country of Indonesia and I fully believe this country can be transformed through education. Amen

The statistics and stories about education I Indonesia are hard to comprehend for someone who hasn’t experienced a 3rd world country. Around 50% of children go no higher than a 6th grade education. Immense numbers of children get no education at all. Teachers are extremely poorly paid ( at the meeting we heard of teachers earning $5,$10,$20 a month) Schools are extremely poorly funded and maintained to the point where they often literally fall to bits.

During yesterday’s meeting, I was blessed to sit with people from organizations like Pondok Kasih, Full Gospel Businessmen, Sejaterah Kota and others who have been working very hard for a long time to bring about change in all areas of life for the Glory of God.

What I see is that the body of Christ MUST function as God intended it. We must work together and support each other better than any other organization on the planet to monopolize life as it is known by the human race. Once we control every aspect of government, education, health etc. we can implement systems that lead to peace and joy among all mankind.

For the short term, churches, schools and Christian organizations need to band together. In Surabaya I see many wonderful works BUT together we are stronger. We need to be streamlined, united and efficient with a view to solving the problems of today and offsetting the problems of the future through sound planning and the wisdom that can only come from God.

I live in a country where Christian churches spend thousands of dollars on ‘birthday and Christmas celebrations’ while other Christian churches struggle to survive because their congregation is poor. All the while children are dying of malnutrition because their parents lack the knowledge that eating a varied diet is more important than trying to get the most filling meal you can for your meager money.

We will win the world for Jesus one act of random kindness at a time BUT if we unite and organize better than those who wish to come against us I pray we can win the world faster, before too many have to suffer because of greed and corruption. Please take a moment to pray for countries like Indonesia, the people here know little more than this reality but they haven’t been given a chance to open their eyes for 400 years. I pray that the Holy Spirit will sweep through this country and set the people free through the fear of the Lord which is the beginning of all knowledge. Stand with me in this prayer. Amen



3 Responses to An Important Post

  1. dynashonata says:


    I am an Indonesian. Somehow my wordpress linked me to this blog.

    I agree with what you’ve written.

    Yes, conditions in most of all aspects in Indonesia are saddening. Still many tasks to be done in this country to bring His glory. We, Christians & churches, need to be a real light to this country, which is in the darkness.

    However, it’s also sad that many churches are sleeping. Only care about their internal organizations’ matter, while forsake the actual needs out there. The people out there need the love of Christ too!

    I will stand with you in prayer for Indonesia. Thanks for serving my people. Continue persevering!:)


  2. Mega says:

    I agree with what you say,

    though i have a question. In this organization, pondok kasih…i have noticed that they swited leaders several times. though i know that their intentions are good, this will disrupt the children’s perspective on love and people. That they will not be able to trust any one who comes into their lives. how is this issue managed?

    • gefs says:

      Thanks for your comment. To be honest I know almost noting about the organization and running of Pondok Kasih. I merely wrote the post you are referring to after I attended a meeting with representatives from the organization.


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