Prioritising Your Life – Part One

I would like to share some things about how I view my life. My life is like a blank piece of paper, I have free will and can choose to fill it how I want. Some people might prioritize their life like this.

30% = work
20% = family
10% = hobbies
15% = church
15% = God
10% = study

Other people will prioritize their life differently. This is the way I try to prioritize my life.

Imagine the list above as a piece of paper divided into sections ( even draw it if you can ). Each section given the appropriate amount of space for its priority rating. Some people will prioritize their life differently but the idea is essentially the same. You have 100 % of yourself and you divide yourself and your time between the activities of your life according to how important they are.

Now imagine my piece of blank paper. Divide it into even boxes. As many as you want / need / can. Each box is filled with the activities of your life ; work, church, family time, shopping, hobbies, study, sleeping etc. Everything EXCEPT GOD. The reason is that GOD IS THE PIECE OF PAPER. He is in every aspect of your life.

Each box in the diagram is not a percentage of me. I don’t put 40% into family , 40% into work, 10% into church , 5 % into hobbies , 2.5% into service and 2.5% into study.

Into each box I put 100% or as I aim for 110%.

see part two


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