The Tarkine

I was watching a show on the Tarkine Forrest in Tasmania last night. Amazing place, one of the most untouched ecosystems on the world. I instantly yearned to take my wife and children to Tasmania and walk among the giant trees and pass waterfalls and eat fresh crayfish straight out of crystal clear water.

This morning God put something on my heart. ALL of that can disappear. It can all be destroyed and God will not bat an eyelid. The most beautiful scenery, the most majestic animal, it can all be destroyed totally and He won’t care.

BUT one winging, whining complaining, ignorant, selfish human being doesn’t turn back to Him and he would be devastated. If my daughter killed someone, I would forgive her without question, no matter what her motives. She is my daughter, I love her, it is just the way it is…there is nothing she could do to make me love her less. If she was sick, I would die for her, its just the way it is.

I would not die for the most majestic animal or the most beautiful piece of scenery and no, I probably wouldn’t die for a winging, whining complaining, ignorant, selfish human that I didn’t love. But I give conditional love, God does not. He doesn’t care about pollution and destruction of the forests EXCEPT that it illustrates that we have not yet all turned back to HIM. If we had, we wouldn’t live the consumerist way we do BUT saving the forests without being saved yourself is pointless. If you want to do something for God, plant a seed. In someone’s heart.

God Bless You

“ God doesn’t require that we succeed, only that we try “ Mother Teresa


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