An Update – Part One

I am going to change the ‘style’ of this blog a bit. There will be a number of factual updates about what I am doing at the moment. I will still write devotions and share them but due to the amount of things that are going on in my life I might keep it fairly straight forward for a while (then again I might not, only God knows, amen ) This post is feedback to the ‘Busy Month’ post

1) I made a wonderful Shepard’s pie ( if I do say so myself ) and took it to my cell group. Unfortunately, as it was being removed from the car, it got dropped, didn’t look as good but still tasted ok. God put something on my heart during one of our Friday night sessions…….

There were 10-15 people gathered in the room, waiting for things to start. Someone was playing guitar and people were chatting. Then someone said “ Ok, let’s make a start” Someone else nominated a song, the person on guitar started playing and the person who chose the song led. Everyone joined in, in their own way, some tapping their feet, some clapping their hands. My 3 year old daughter even walked to the other side of the room and grabbed a shaker, she came back beside me and started to shake a beat (better than I ever could as I am musically retarded )
After a few songs, someone prayed and then the person who had been nominated gave us a meditation on the meaning of the cross. Next, people were nominated to pray for certain others, we sang and prayed for the evening meal and then ate and chatted.

The thing that God showed me was that that is how the body of Christ should function. Each person just does what God puts on their heart. He puts it all together. All we need to d is be empty vessels so we can clearly understand what it is He wants us to do and then do whatever it is He wants us to do diligently and faithfully.

2) We went to both of the orphanages and it was a very productive day. We shared and prayed with Pak Dodo and Bu Ester from Rumah Sejati. From what we have discussed, we are planning to have the family day with the families of some of the ex-street kids from their orphanage. We also handed over the school fee money.

Andrew had to go home after Rumah Sejati so my wife, 2 kids and I met a friend and went to Karunia together. It was a long, hard, uncomfortable drive to get their and it was a real relief when we finally did. We gave bags of ‘krupuk’ and the money for the school fees. Bu Tin and Bu Silvie are really strong women of faith. They live and support 30 children, who are victims of the East Timor conflict, and when you ask them how they do it they simply say “ Jesus is never late in helping us” I photographed most of the kids there and we were just about to leave when I dropt Andrew’s camera  I just found out it is going to cost me a fortune to fix but that little low light doesn’t show up the wonderful things that were done on that day. Bu Silvie and Bu Tin also told us that they have 1 year to raise Rp300JT (US $ 32,000 ) to buy the house they are living in or the owner will have to sell it to someone else.

3) The visit to Rumah Kehidupan is next Sunday (13th) My wife and I went through all our eldest daughter’s toys and have a great big box of toys to hand over. I hope we can share some love and put some smiles on some dials. I will put up a report as I am not sure what to expect.

4) Andrew, Jos and I had our meeting and are getting steam up for Y4G.

I have to go and get some exercise before work now. I have lots more to share and will hopefully get time tomorrow.

God Bless You


One Response to An Update – Part One

  1. sandrar says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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