A Day In The Life Of Me

I have a pretty busy life, not complaining, just wanted give you a picture of it….

I wake up at around 4-5am each morning and sit at my computer reading, praying, writing and eating my breakfast. At 5:30 I go for a walk for about 20 minutes and then I come home, change into bathers, jump on my mountain bike and ride to a swimming pool which is only 5 minutes ride away. I swim for about 15 minutes, ride home, jump in the shower, get out, get dressed, read my bible (one verse), grab my helmet and jacket, kiss my kids and wife and in my mind say ‘God bless you’, jump on my motorbike and ride 45 minutes through the morning traffic in Surabaya to work.

I get to work and start my work day at 7:25am exactly with morning devotions with all of the other teachers. At 7:45am the devotion ends and I go about my work responsibilities until 3:25pm. Then I ride my motorbike 45 minutes back through the traffic and arrive at home. When I get home, I will greet my wife and youngest daughter but my eldest daughter will take up my attention for an hour or until she feels she has had enough. Next I will chat to my wife and spend some time with my youngest. I will then usually cook dinner and try to help my wife a bit. Frequently I will find myself squeezing in a shower an hour or two after I get home and the first time I sit down and do something for myself may be as late as 7 or 8pm.

I often crash out at 8 or so but try to stay awake until after my eldest daughter goes to sleep so I can have some quality time with my wife. If I do fall asleep first, my wife often wakes me up at 11 or 12 and we chat and spend time together.

Now I am NOT SUPERMAN and my life is NOT a religion. I swap and change and often am too lazy to go for a swim. My wife’s day is completely different and ,honestly, much harder than my day. But there things I do that get me through every day and help me to CHARGE through life.

1) I don’t miss my time reading the bible. No matter what. And I often spend a lot of other times reading verses and discussing them with people. My bible is as important as the air I breathe. I might not die if I don’t read it but it is a priority in my life.

2) Prayer. I pray for my kids and wife when I kiss them and I spend the 45 minute trip to work praying. I pray and talk to God all day long

3) I live by my priorities. They are : 1= God 2= Family 3= Work 4= Ministry.

I may not be perfect but I am all I can be because I keep my priorities in the right order. If you want to know more about this, read my post ‘Prioritizing Your Life Part one and two, March 17’

God Bless You, have a great day !!


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