The Truth Behind A Verse- Part Two

Story Two
I am a pretty good assessor of student’s ability and have a natural talent for finding a way to motivate them. I am not perfect and I often make mistakes but I generally help my students to make progress in their language, confidence and thinking, as well as other areas.

For a whole year I had been teaching a boy and he was extremely passive and lacked confidence. He was an extremely nice boy and was accepted by his friends. ( in a western country, he would have been ridiculed fro being so introverted)

For the whole year I had been gently pushing and guiding him and he had made minor progress. To be honest, I had made the decision that a little bit of progress was good progress and lowered my expectations for him.

Three quarters of the way through the year, we had a parent/teacher meeting and the boys mother meets with me to discuss the boys English ability. Within minutes she is crying and asking me to please, please try to be a friend for her son. She explains that since his father abandon her, the boy and his younger brother, her eldest son had just sank into himself. She explained that she had tried so hard to get him to talk about how he felt but he had just withdrawn from the world.

What God has shown me recently is that NOBOBY knows what is going on in the life of another person. You can assume, you can think you know 20%, 40% or even 90% of the story. You can gather gossip, you may have lived with the person for 40 years. But the fact is that God is dealing with every person in the exact way He needs to deal with them. Their perspective of whatever is happening is different to yours.

No matter how much anyone ‘knows’ you, their interpretation of what you say and how you feel and how you act will be structured by how they think, how they listen and a whole other range of factors. No one will ever understand you completely and you will never understand anyone else completely.

I often find that the things I dislike about others are often what God is using to show me that the same trait is prevalent in me. None of us are qualified to judge another, that is God’s role.

Be sure to reconstruct your preconceptions as frequently as possible. Pray for it each and every day because if you don’t change, you will stagnate. Others might not see the new you but God wants to work on your character and thought process EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Lord, may I constantly decrease so that you may increase in me. Amen

God Bless You


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