Double Life

We are called to be spiritual beings and yet we have to live in the world for the time being. To me the two are constantly opposed to each other. A friend of mine told me about a priest who cemented himself into a turret and then fasted and prayed until he died. The saints (or madmen) of old, standing on towers, day and night, for years, hermit monks, all of those people who decide that relationship with God is more important than living in the world, are they onto something ?

At times in my life I have truly believed that maybe there is something to all of this. If God is the most important thing in anyone’s life, why not cut out all the other relationships and activities that you have and focus only on Him ?

But then, if He wanted me to do that, I would be doing it. The truth is that for most of us, we are called to ‘infect’ other people with the salvation we have.

Mathew 5:16Let your light so shine before men that they may see your moral excellence and your praiseworthy, noble, and good deeds and recognize and honor and praise and glorify your Father Who is in heaven.

We are called to be God’s representative on earth, we are his salesmen, we are his showroom. As Abraham Lincoln said ‘ For it is from our lives, not our words that our religion must be known’

I often get sick of what I deem to be the ‘little stuff’. The misunderstandings and disagreements between people, the ‘going round in circles’, the feelings of desperation and inadequacy,feeling like we are not making progress as the body of Christ. At times I think that if Christians just banded together and worked as one, we could save the whole world but then I see that we are all struggling with our own internal battle.

I, myself can feel like a righteous crusader for God one minute and a hypocritical pathetic example of a Christian the next. The thoughts of secluding myself and focusing my whole life on God come from the desire to always be working towards bringing His kingdom to earth. I am torn between thoughts of ‘did I do something wrong and make God’s work harder’ or ‘Is that what God needed me to say/do so that His will could come about’

The key to all of this is never give up !! Wake up satisfied with the knowledge that every morning you get one drop of grace and that drop of grace is enough for you to charge through the day. Throughout the day, pray and beg God for His anointing and wisdom. At the end of the day, return all you have done to Him. Then get up the next day and do it again !! Just keep marching into battle, when you fall, get up again, never give up, don’t let your losses and defeats define you, use them to determine to do better next time and don’t fear, He is in control and the war has been won. Our job is to win the battles we have inside of us to complete the victory.

God Bless You


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