If you read the bible you will read  amazing stories about the lives of people such as Paul, Moses, Joshua, Jacob and so on. The interesting thing is that these ‘amazing’ stories are just highlights. In one sentence in the bible you can jump 10 or even 40 years of someone’s life.

The thing you don’t get is the drudgery of day to day life. Moses spent 40 years wandering the desert and yet that time is covered in just a few pages of the bible. You don’t here about him spending a year doubting if he was really doing God’s work or fighting with his wife or stressing about disciplining his children.

The point is this : Life is like a roller coaster, sometimes your going up, sometimes your coming down and at times you are crusing along a plateau. Learning to be consistent in your walk with God is extremely important. Many people get ‘on fire’ for God but when the fire dies down they chase it like a drug. Then, when they fail to reach the peaks previous times often crash and burn.

Seek God, be true and faithful to the Holy Spirit that lives in you and God will call on you to do His work when He needs to. Don’t be discouraged by the quiet times, that is when God will refine you.

GBU, Gef


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