An Illustration

If you type the word tongue in a bible word search it comes up over 100 times. God’s word constantly tells us to ‘be careful with our tongue’ that it has ‘the power to set people on fire with flames from hell itself’ and that it can be a blessing and speak wisdom.

One of my favourite illustrations was a friend who asked 3 people to do a little competition for her. She gave each person a tube of toothpaste and asked them to squeeze all the toothpaste out as fast as they could. They complied and within seconds there was a winner. She then said the next part of the competition was to put the toothpaste back as fast as they could. They were dumbfounded and admitted that would be pretty hard.
She concluded by saying that our words come out just as easily as the toothpaste but it is impossible to take them back.

We all need a reminder now and then. Try building people up with your words. Tearing people down is obviously a bad thing but neglecting to be a Godly influence by the things you say is also bad. Remember, out of the heart the mouth speaks. Take note of the words you speak, do they represent a problem in your heart ? If so, take it to God in prayer. There is no excuse clause for your situation determining the condition of your heart or the words you speak. He must be in you and you in Him. If that is so, your words will reflect Him.

Its not easy but “ God doesn’t require that we succeed, only that we try “ Mother Teresa

God Bless You


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