A Great Piece of News

In November of 2007 we had a retreat for about 40 kids from 2 orphanages in Surabaya. The months leading up to the retreat were like riding a rollercoaster. We had money and then we didn’t, we had a team and then we didn’t and so on. 2 weeks before the retreat we found out that our musician couldn’t make it. My wife’s cousin volunteered for the job.

My wife has 8 aunt’s and uncle’s and about half of them are Muslim and half Christian. The cousin that volunteered for music duty was Muslim. He practiced Christian songs and came along. He thoroughly enjoyed the retreat and became close friends with a number of the other participants. The next year he was our number one choice for keyboard duty. Once again he came and was very enthusiastic. We invited him to our church’s Christmas celebration the next week and he came along.

The next day, we were at a mall when he called and said he wanted to meet us to ‘discuss something important’. We met and he told us he had a dream that he was on the outbound at retreat and the other kids in his group had just climbed up an embankment but he couldn’t get up. He said he became extremely scared but then there was a bright light and a hand reached down to him and pulled him up. The ‘person’ said “ Hold my hand and do not let go, you are no longer one of the lost.”

Krisma (the cousin) asked us what the meaning was. We turned the question back on him and he said he believes the person in his dream was Jesus and he was asking him to follow Him. We then asked Krisma what his response was and he replied “ I want to follow Him.”…..”Then it is done, you are saved.”

We took Krisma to buy a few Christian books but there was something troubling hi. His father had given him permission to join the retreat but the last words he had said before Krisma left the house were “ You can go, just don’t become a Christian.” We told Krisma to pray and build his relationship with God and to be ready as there were no guarantees that life would get easier.

Just 2 weeks after this conversation, we went to pick up Krisma to take him to our Friday prayer group. He told us that his parents had said to him that it was his choice if he wanted to become a Christian. My wife was shocked as Krisma’s dad is quite strict and she thought he would have a very hard time accepting the news that his son had converted.

The news that Krisma had been saved was a real boost to me. My wife and I had both prayed that Krisma would be touched by what he experienced at the retreat but when it happened it was a real boost to my faith. The added bonus of Krisma’s dad accepting his decision really reinforced to me that if you trust God, he will clear a path for you. Krisma went to a prayer group of teenagers he met at church yesterday. He went alone because my wife was in hospital. The sms he sent us said;

“Praise God, I have my own cell group now. We will meet on Monday and they will pick me up. We will pray for Ce2 (my wife). I am sure she will be home from the hospital soon because MIRACLES are real and Jesus has already planed it and His plans are so beautiful.” GBU

I hope this little story encourages you. God’s word never goes out in vain.

“Everything we do is just a drop in the ocean, but if we don’t do it the ocean isn’t full.” Mother Teresa


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