Burried Treasure

If I told you that I had hidden treasure in your back yard ,and you believed me, what would you do ? Would you take the first opportunity to race out there and search for it ? And would you continue to search until you were positive you had found everything of value ? Of course you would !

Jesus told people that God’s Kingdom was ‘like a buried treasure’. He told people that the Kingdom of God was very close to them. Not because they were physically close or going to die soon but because their understanding of God’s kingdom was good.

Our God is a God of revelation and the map to His kingdom is buried in His word. If I gave you a treasure map I am sure you would study it very intently to find out where the riches were hidden. Do you do the same with your bible ? If you search, you will find. ‘Consume’ His word !!

Too many people put a lot of time and energy into financial pursuits and barely spend any time searching for God’s kingdom and His will for their lives. The early bird gets the worm. Why not start getting up 30 minutes earlier and taking the time to study your bible ? Read it over and over, meditate on it, go online and do bible studies. You won’t uncover what you don’t dig to find.



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