1,000 people

My wee little blog is approaching 1,000 visitors. That is a miniscule amount when you compare it to other blogs and a lot of the people that have visited are friends and family. I have a friend with a health blog and he has had about 20,000 + visits. At one stage I used to eagerly check my blog stats in the hope that I would have hundreds of visitors like he gets on some days.

Just the other day it occurred to me that 1,000 visits is quite a lot. My prayer is that at least one of the visitors has left with something that has brought them closer to God. This all got me thinking….how many people do I influence ?? My wife and kids and friends and colleagues and students and on and on and on.

The next thing to consider is HOW do I influence people. No matter how insignificant you think you may be, you have an influence on every person you come in contact with; positive, negative or neutral. I once saw a web site about a guy who went around New York city spray painting ‘Jesus Alone Saves’ on every surface he could. You may ask what the point is (or debate the legality of it) but he believed that just seeing those words would register in people’s minds and help bring them to God.

Whether you intend to or not you leave a mark on everyone you come into contact with (especially children) start to reflect on what sort of mark that is. Is it bringing them closer to God ? Is it building them up ? or tearing them down ? Put yourself in the shoes of those who are looking at you, what do they see ? Remember, YOU ARE GOD’S SHOWROOM !! Don’t sell Him short.

God bless you.

James 1:22-26
2Peter 1:3-15 (especially 2Peter 1:5-8 )


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