Bearing Fruit

We are called to bear fruit as Christians but I have to wonder what fruit we bear when we tend to spend most of our ‘spiritual lives’ inside churches singing and listening to sermons about the ‘will’ of God. Of course, this time in church is supposed to be a mere portion of our spiritual life and the fruit we bear is supposed to take place during the every day running of our lives. I do however see an overwhelming contradiction between the songs we sing as praise and the lives we live between post-church Sunday and the following service.

From what I know of the true personality of Christ I have to wonder how pleased He is when we devote so much of our being to singing and waving our hands around, telling Him how much we love Him and yet treat the people, we co-inhabit this earth with, with such contempt. Surely He would prefer us to spend our two hours a week (if that is all we devote to spiritual activities) serving the poor or in fellowship with our neighbors rather than singing songs containing outrageously exorbitant, and false, promises and passively absorbing lessons about how much He loves us.

“ Do not merely read the Word and in doing so deceive yourself,; do what it says !” James 1:22


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