Eye Gate, Ear Gate and the Battlefield of the Mind

I wrote a post once called “No Fantasy in Sex”. The post has received 187 views and 13 comments. My next most popular post has about 30 views and one or two comments. So what is it that got everyone so keen to put their 2 cents worth in ? The controversy about if masturbation is a sin and if having a fantasy sex life is ok or not.

My view on it is like this; The devil is not the arch enemy of God. God has defeated the devil and has enough power to annihilate him without raising a sweat. The devil is our sparing partner. The devil does not attack God, he undermines God’s work in us. God hopes that we will run to Him for protection and so realize His worth.

The battle ground for this spiritual war is in our minds but the devil does not mount an all out frontal attack (although it may seem like it sometimes), he is crafty. The gates to the battle ground are our eyes and our ears. What goes through those gates determines the strength he has to fight the war.

If you are watching porn and fantasizing about your co-workers, the devil has plenty to work with. If you consume God’s word and protect your eye and ear gate your defense will be good , the devil will probably pretty much leave you alone and head onto an easier target (and there are plenty out there).

A cornerstone of God’s work is the family unit. When a man and a woman get married they ‘become one’ in the eyes of God. The traits of God that were imparted to men and the traits of God that were imparted to women are joined. When a couple is blessed with children that is when the generational impartation of the very being of God begins. The relationship a husband and wife have with each other and their children is the most effective text book for a child to learn about God from.

For this very reason, the devil is there, testing the strength of people’s defenses. When he finds a hole or notices that someone is holding the door wide open for him, he goes to work.

I watched an Islamic talk show on TV the other day. A prominent Muslim personality was discussing with a live audience what was sinful. They were discussing the example of slipping someone money to get better service. Apparently, if you give money to get better service, and in the process don’t inconvenience someone else and are only paying for something that is your right, you are not sinning BUT the person who accepts the money is sinning and the money becomes Haram (forbidden).

To me Protestant or Catholic, Old Testament or New, Muslim, Jew or otherwise, there is no need to nit pick about this. Even from a secular point of view, look what pornography and infidelity is doing to our race. We are tearing our race apart because we can’t contain the animalistic urges that taunt us all.

A question I have asked a lot of teens I have ministered to is “ If your life was a DVD, every moment, every though, how would you feel if we played it for all of your friends and family ? ”. Nearly all of them dreaded the thought. My response is “ Put it on !! You will see that I have been down there with the lowest of the low and yet His love us plucked me from eternal damnation.”

I have a file on my computer addressed to my daughters. It tells them how much I love them and that if anything happens to me, I want them to have my computer. On it are all my devotions, correspondence, pictures and so on. I believe that they could really get to know me from what I write, read and watch. Could you do that ? What would they find on your computer ? Is that who you are ? Who you want to be ? You may think what you do in private or think about in your head is inconsequential but if you are losing the battle in your mind, you are losing the battle.

God loves you and he is with you 24/7. Don’t waste His Grace !

God Bless You

When Mother Teresa accepted her Nobel Peace prize, someone asked her “ What can we do to help with world peace ?” She responded “ Go home and love your family.”


6 Responses to Eye Gate, Ear Gate and the Battlefield of the Mind

  1. Great makes me think, “I do not pray to change God’s mind, I pray so he can fix mine.”

  2. Bill says:

    Came upon your blog when I did a search for “eye gate, ear gate”. I’m developing a message around that theme. Excellent writing and thoughts. Thanks! Bill

  3. Rukiya says:

    Thank you for your words of confirmation. Years ago I heard a speaker discuss this topic. I too, am developing a workshop for young women and want to address the importance of protecting our senses that directly impact our thinking process. So often we do not find information that collaborates what we want to say…thank you for being that person.

    • gefs says:

      Hey Rukiya, You are very, very welcome! I just happen to be at a retreat with 50 teenage boys and 50 teenage girls. Just hours ago we split them into male and female for 2 sessions and the Holy spirit was speaking to me SO STRONGLY that I had to stand up and address them at the end of another speaker’s session. I truly believe that the world is in the terrible shape it is because we haven’t learnt to be the righteous boy/girlfriends,husbands,wives,fathers,mothers that God needs us to be.

      He has a simple plan,we need to fulfill our role in His plan so society can work. It is not working today because so many fathers are addicted to pornography,teenagers are having sex, our families, our relationships are in tatters. God needs us to stand in the gap. To make a commitment to live a righteous life for His glory!!

      When I shared with the kids today I did it by admitting my own struggle and how I have fallen. The guilt and shame I felt and the pain it caused my wife when I confessed my sins to her.

      “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” Rom. 12:1 -2.

      James 5:16 (New International Version)

      16Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.

      The last verse is very important. The spiritual chains that are wound around us when we delve in the area of sexual impurity must be cast of if we are going to experience any freedom.

      I pray for your effective ministry, may God bless and anoint you and use you as a tool to bring about His Glory, Amen

  4. Enomwoyi says:

    Praise God! I found this website/article by typing “the floodgates ears and eyes” in the search engine. This is an awesome Word from God! Praise God for your ministry and I pray that God will continue to impart His divine wisdom into you. I pray that God would flood your gates with His precious Holy Spirit and the truth of His Word. Much love and be blessed!

    • gefs says:

      You are more than welcome Enomwoyi. I thank God that what I put down can be a blessing. I just finished a very important sharing with a group of teenagers. It is Valentine’s Day and God reminded me of how many teenagers look for love in their dating relationships because they don’t know his true love. I pray your ministry will be effective and especially on this Valentine’s Day I pray that many people will find His love and not have to substitute it in unrighteous relationships.


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