Western Education – Part Two

Being able to ‘find holes in most arguments’, being ‘critical’ and ‘having a very strong sense of wanting to learn things for yourself’ can be good attributes. Scientists, engineers and leaders in society need to have these attributes. Nothing would have been invented without the curiosity and drive that comes from wanting to learn and break new boundaries. Being critical and finding holes in arguments leads to a thorough analysis of concepts before they are put into practice.

The problem is that these attributes require wisdom. I was staunchly anti-Christianity throughout my youth (as most Australian youth are) due to the fact that it didn’t add up. When I analyzed the equation, I came out with the simple conclusion that it was paradoxical, illogical and (most significantly) flawed from the point of view that religion seemed to be the main cause of conflict throughout human history. The crusades alone were enough to close the case for me.

Without a role model for faith or exposure to ‘religion’ there was no reason for me to do anything but live a completely hedonistic lifestyle. When I did search for spirituality, it was Buddhism and yoga that caught my attention as they required no leaps of faith, just a ‘you be nice to me and I’ll be nice to you’ attitude that seemed to make perfect sense.

Western society is in a desperate situation. The people are lost and disillusioned with consumerism. Science is flawed ( read ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’ by Bill Bryson to get a grasp on just how much science contradicts itself.) people are searching for a ‘spiritual’ experience but they are not turning to Christianity. Christianity has ‘done its dash’ with most people. Christians are seen as being hypocrites. The problem is, they just don’t see what a poor reflection of our God we are.They won’t listen to us.

‘If they don’t hear, how will they know?’

It might be time to say a prayer for us all. The west is charging toward the edge of destruction at an alarming rate and all the rest of the world seems to want to do is mimic it. The ratio of ‘hard soil, weeds and good soil’ has flipped and is getting worse all the time. So many don’t want to open their hearts to the truth. If only they knew.

Do what you can today. God bless you, Gef


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