Storms Part 1

QE2My mother took a trip on the QE2 a few years before it was decommissioned. The QE2 was the largest cruise ship in the world for many years. It had a shopping mall, multiple nightclubs, restaurants, pools, entertainment areas and so on.

The kitchen staff would prepare enormous banquets for hundreds and hundreds of people. One lunch time, my mother was lining up, getting ready to enter the dinning hall. She spied table upon table of food, huge ice carvings, flower arrangements and decorations. It had been rough weather and just moments before the dinners were allowed to enter the room a large wave hit the ship and table after table went crashing to the floor.

This gigantic ship that cost £29,091,000 to build, weighed 70,327 tons, was 293.5 meters long and could carry 1,892 passengers with 1,040 officers and crew would often be rocked by massive waves that would cause relative chaos on board.

The QE2 was built tough, it was constructed to withstand the storms it was expected to encounter. It had state of the art navigation equipment that could keep track of its position and course at all times. Yet still, my other recounted occasions when she was pretty uncomfortable and even a bit worried. One of my favorite photos from her trip is a photo taken of the bow of the ship. Towering over the ship on either side are two waves, just about to come crashing down from both sides.

Life is a lot like the sea. It’s unpredictable. At times the waves just keep coming and coming, one bigger than the other. We can feel as though we are getting tossed from side to side and even that we are close to drowning. The fact is that we were not designed tough. We may think we are, we may think we can deal with anything life throws at us but the truth is we are fragile. The things we do to ‘deal’ with the storms life throws at us often cause more damage than good.

The survival tool we have is Jesus. Our navigation system needs to be set to seek Him. We do that through prayer and reading His word. It doesn’t matter what the storm does to us. Several people received broken limbs in the dinning room incident my mother witnessed and I imagine a large amount of financial damage was caused. Not to mention all the hard work of the kitchen staff. But at the end of the day, everyone pulled through and even got fed.

Storms always pass and you can even pass through a storm. Sometimes it may seem that there is no end. You may push past one wave after another, just to have yet another set following. You may be tired and weak, you may even give up. Just trust that it will pass.

When you feel the sun shinning on your cheek you may have lost the boat, your possessions, even your life but there is a sunny tomorrow. We have the promise of eternal life. If you wake and you are still on earth, don’t count what you have lost, count what you still have. If nothing else, you have a God that never fails to bring you through a battle. You may feel worse for wear but He always has your best interests at heart.

God Bless You


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