Hypothetical Situation

Hypothetical situation : You find out that there is no Jesus, no God and no truth to the bible.

Even if that were true, I wouldn’t regret being a Christian. I wouldn’t feel ripped off and want to take back the years I have been a Christian and exchange them for a life of hedonism. Before I became a Christian I used people. I went from one experience to another, never being satisfied. I was lost and tumbling uncontrollably through a void that was my life.

I remember being in a pub in Alice Springs one night. I was a bit drunk and talking to two aboriginals. One of them told me that his friend was a chief in their tribe. I noticed that he had no front teeth and asked him about it. He told me that when they ‘came of age’, they were taken into the bush and their front teeth were knocked out. They also told me about a few more of their customs and how they had to respect their traditions.

I recall feeling very envious. These people knew where they came from. They knew where they fit into their culture. They had identity. I wondered who I was. A third generation English/Scottish/Australian. My traditions were drinking beer and overeating on Christmas day. It didn’t seem like much to belong to.

When I found Christ, I woke up to who I was. I realized that He had been calling me all my life. When I opened the door of my heart, He came in and gave me His identity.

I am proud of who I am and the way I live now. I am who I am because of His blood. It is a paradoxical argument that I began with because without the power of Jesus, I wouldn’t be who I am. He IS what saved me. If He didn’t exist, neither would I.

God Bless You


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