Fellwoship Tonight !!

Tonight we are having a fellowship for the kids from Ada Hari Esok and Rumah Sejati orphanages. It will be a chance for Krisma to give his testimony and we will give the kids the results of their spiritual gifting tests. Our prayer is that we will be able to encourage the kids and help them to discover their life calling.

I am glad that my daughter, Kellie and I are fully recovered as we made the commitment to do the fellowship while she was still in hospital. It makes it a very long day for me, I woke up at 5am, went for a walk/jog, left for work at 6:30, will get home and 4:30, leave again at 5:30 and probably arrive home again around 11pm.

The thing is that I am really looking forward to it. I really enjoy spending time with these guys. It is probably the most satisfying thing for me to do after spending time with my family. I guess when you are operating in your gifting and doing something you have been called to do, you get extra enthusiasm as a bonus.

We are in the process of deciding what we are going to do with Yearn4God this year. We have lots of ambition and very little time or money. But those are things God has a never ending supply of so it will be exciting to see where He leads us.

God Bless You, Gef


One Response to Fellwoship Tonight !!

  1. God is shows His goodness everywhere.

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