The Fellowship

There were only about 15 kids at the fellowship as it turns out Ada Hari Esok was unable to make it. We began by sharing the results from the spiritual gifting tests. Everyone then chose a friend and wrote what spiritual gifts they saw in their friend. Some also included talents and gifts. The pairs then got together and shared the results of the spiritual gifting test in relation to what they had written about their friend.

Next we turned the pairs into groups of three and discussed what dreams or goals each of the kids had for the future. It was a reality check for me when I was talking to 3 boys who were 14, 15 and 12 years old. I brought it to their attention that they should be very thankful to have the chances they have. When I was their age, I was pushing my life towards the cliff of destruction and it wasn’t until I was in my early 20’s that my life got turned around.

Although these kids are living in orphanages and come from very poor and broken families, they nearly all seem to have a good head on their shoulders. It just goes to show that knowing God and living in an environment that puts Him first is the most important thing in life. Some of the kids already had a goal for their life. One wanted to be a praise and worship leader, another wanted to help his parents, some felt a calling to be a pastor or missionary. It was great to see that so many of them had a positive direction for their lives.

We prayed for each of the kid’s goals and I hope that we helped them with direction for their life or enthusiasm for a direction they already had. As a closing I shared the contents of my ’24 hours to live’ post. We talked about how finite our life is and yet how much of our life we waste and ‘put off’ because we feel that we have a guaranteed future. My prayer for us all is that we appreciate every moment and opportunity we have.

Krisma gave his salvation testimony which was very inspiring. If the 2007 CHARGED retreat and the 2008 JESUS POWERED retreat and all the fellowships we have done were only to bring him to his salvation, it was all worth it.

My wife surprised me with a testimony. She is generally very hard to get to share her feelings at all, let alone in front of 25 people. She shared how, after weeks of our daughter being sick and almost 2 weeks in hospital, she had given up on God. She told us that she was at a point of despair and had reached a real low in her Christian life. The very day she had mentally made a decision to give up on God, her mum and aunt came to the hospital and prayed with her. She told us all of her feeling of being overwhelmed by God’s presence and how she realized that God was in control. God spoke to her and told her to just do whatever He told her and continue to be obedient, not to think too much or stress but just lean on Him.

Her testimony meant a lot, to me in particular, but it also inspired a friend of ours, Elya to testify as well. She had a skin rash on her face for several weeks and had tried different medications. The rash had only gotten worse and at one stage turned into boils. She said that when she prayed to God and said “ You have given all I have and you have every right to take it away, if my looks will be restored, it will be at your hand” Elya stopped taking the medication and by the very next day, the rash had almost disappeared. She credited the fact that she relied completely on God and so He healed her.

God is always working, Amen


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