The Noise of the World Vs God’s Voice

How often do you get rid of the distractions in your life and focus on God? I am sure we would all love a week off work and away from other commitments to go to a retreat somewhere and focus on God. The fact is that, for most of us, that isn’t going to happen. Our lives are filled with work, kids, hobbies, social events, bills, check ups, house and car maintenance and so on.

The pressure of life in this day and age is becoming a major problem in a lot of people’s lives. Stress has become a huge health risk and people often turn to vices to get them through the day or relieve a bit of tension after a hard day at work. Families are crumbling under the weight of life in the modern world. At times it seems that life is full of noise, traffic, work clatter, kids running around, the TV, voices in your head reminding you to feed the cat, pick up milk, call such and such and on and on and on. We get so used to the fast pace of life and we go from one decision to another without pausing to evaluate our lives in earnest.

When do you ‘Be still and know that He is God?” Do you take time to intentionally wipe your mind and concentrate on God? Do you lose yourself in prayer and/or worship? Do you set aside time for you and God?

Try turning off your mobile phone, freeing up your schedule for a week or two, doing all your budgeting and then forgetting about it. I try to make a habit of regularly spending time with God but it is easy to suddenly realize that it has been weeks or even months since you have spent more than 10 minutes with Him. You need to consciously remove the ‘noise’ from your life. When you get rid of that noise, you may just hear the voice of God.

Fasting is another way to bring your life and priorities into focus. When you take a few days to fast and remove as many distractions as you can from your life, you can very effectively evaluate your life and walk with God. It is often too tempting to make excuses and convince yourself that you have to wait until you can get a holiday from work, get the in laws to look after your kids and seclude yourself in your bedroom.

Take realistic steps to create quality time with God. If you are not hearing His voice, you are left with the voices of the world.

God Bless You


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