Salt and Light

The classic anti religion arguments are :

“ Religion has caused most of the wars in history.”
“ Look at the things done in the name of religion, the crusades, stoning etc”
“ People who claim to be religious are hypocrites.”
“ Religious people are arrogant.”

People look at Christians to know what Christ is like. Unfortunately, from what they see, they often don’t feel the need to look much further.

The fact is that we have an extremely important responsibility to represent God on earth. It only takes one mistake to destroy people’s opinion of Christianity. It’s not fair but we have to be pure and righteous so they have no opportunity to reject Him. We know it is not about us being perfect but they don’t. When they see us professing to be Christian but not paying taxes or smoking or lying or cheating or stealing or worshipping idols or being lustful, we have effectively let down God’s name.

One of my favorite stories to illustrate this point is :

A young girl went to work as a maid for a great queen. She worked diligently for one year and then went to see the queen.
She said “Mam, I will be leaving your employment soon.”
The queen replied “But I still need you. You have been a very good employee. Why are you leaving? Am I not paying you enough?”
The girl responded by saying “It is not that Mam. I came to work for you to observe how a Christian lives and treats people. Now I will go and work for a Sheik. From what I observe there and what I have observed here, I will decide if I want to be Christian or Muslim.”

What sort of reflector are you for his love?
Do people ‘see the good deeds you do and come to know your father in heaven?’
What does ‘the world’ see and report about Christians? Is it how much solidarity and caring they see between us?
Is it how generous and loving we are?

We do not have to ‘win’ people’s souls for God through our words and actions but it is very important that we don’t hinder His work either.

“ For it is from our lives, not our words that our religion must be known.” Abraham Lincoln


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