Race – Part Two

What can we learn from this little illustration?

1) As Paul said, it is not for those that start the race well but for those who run the race to the end well. Being a ‘full on’ Christian is only a good thing if you can maintain your enthusiasm and you don’t give up when you hit some hard going.
2) Just because you can’t see the end of a hardship it does not mean you should give up. You have to push and push and push in the knowledge that he has your best interests at heart.

There was a woman trying to swim the English channel. Her mother was in a small row boat next to her. There came a point when the woman said “Mum, I have to stop, it hurts too much.” Her mother convinced her to keep going saying that they end was close. Not long after the woman complained of cramps and said she had to stop. Her mother convinced her to keep going saying the end was very close. Soon the girl complained that it hurt too much and insisted that she had to stop. The mother gave in and helped her into the boat. She gave her daughter a towel and a cup of tea. The woman looked up and saw that land was a mere 500 meters away. After hours and hours of struggling she had just minutes to go. She said “If I had known the end was so close I would have kept going.”

How many times have we given up when the end was ‘so close’?

3) Those that go too slow are never really in the race. God has huge plans for you !! Are you plodding along in your Christian life thinking it is about going to church or are you seeking His will in every part of your life. Starting slow is fine but you should pick up speed in your walk with God and eventually you will find yourself soaring with Him. We can do more than we ever conceived possible through the power of His spirit in us.
4) Do not use the world’s measure or other people to rate where you are. You may think you are more honest or loving or kind than those around you or than is expected only to find out that they have a bigger handicap than you (more grace/favour) Never be satisfied to be ‘good enough’ always try to be better.
5) The same is true for judging others. You never know how much grace/ favour they have
6) In all, the key is 2Peter 1:3-15….Keep trying to be better

Mother Terasa

“God doesn’t require that we succeed, He only needs us to try”


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