Yearn4God Update

Some friends and I have started a ministry called Yearn4God. We have a website and have been building up our missionary work. Here is an update of what we have planned for 2009. Please keep us in your prayers. GBU

Our main focus has been trying to get our legal status as a foundation solidified. We are now at the point where we have a legally registered foundation and a bank account. The final step is to complete the lawyer’s fees and the process will be complete. This will give us a much stronger status from which to work and we will be able to put assets under the control of the foundation. It also means we can hire staff and legally run a charity, school, church and other operations in Indonesia (with appropriate further paperwork)

Jos has been attending a course on fundraising strategies and we intend to hold a seminar for people associated with Y4G and other interested parties. During the seminar, Jos will share the knowledge he has gained. The seminar will hopefully be some time in March or April.

We have had 2 fellowship since the retreat in November of 2008. One of them was last week (12/3/09). We distributed the results from the spiritual gifting test we did at the retreat. The kids also shared about their dreams and goals and prayed for each other. Krisma gave his salvation testimony and a few others testified about how great God is.

Throughout the year of 2009 we hope to continue having regular fellowships for the participants of the 2007 CHARGED retreat and the 2008 JESUS POWERED retreat as well as other children from Ada Hari Esok and Rumah Sejati orphanages. We are yet to meet and evaluate the possibility of having another retreat this year. A possibility may be to use the money for school fees and hold an over night event within Surabaya.

We have a close relationship with some people who have been working for over a year to begin a school for disadvantaged children. In January, the school opened 2 branches on opposite sides of Surabaya. They have 12 and 15 kindergarten students respectively. The children come mostly from families that survive by collecting and sorting rubbish. Our hope is to provide more information about the school and all involved with the aim of supporting their ministry. There are many areas we could help, from providing education materials, food or medicine, to teacher training and family seminars.

We all have a strong desire to help children, teens and adults with education. The statistics for Indonesia are appalling ! Around 50% of people to not go above a grade 6, primary school education. Our hope is to provide school fees, books, uniforms and subsidy packages. In the medium to long term, we would also like to provide job training and micro credit for teens and adults. A relatively miniscule amount of money can transform a person’s prospects from dismal to hopeful.

I have felt a desire to reach out in a prison ministry and have made some contacts. I am yet to visit a prison but hope to do so soon. As yet I am unaware of the ministry potentials there but I pray a friendly face and perhaps a few necessities can help to spread the light of Jesus. Again, in the medium to long term it would be great to have support and training programs for those leaving prison and the families of those in prison.

All of these thoughts and plans are in our minds and hearts. God wiling, they will blossom into fruit for His kingdom.

God bless you, Y4G team


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