God Is So Good

So I gave my comp to the IT department yesterday with little hope that they would be able to fix it as it seemed to be in serious pain. In the back of my mind I had thoughts of “Here we go, won’t have money to fix this for about 2 months” I was thinking about the bills I have and the looooong list of needs and wants we need to work through. Low and behold, I got a call this morning and they said my computer was fine. I picked it up and now have it back at my desk. I’m back in action….. for free !!

There are many ways of looking at an event like this, the computer wasn’t broken in the beginning, the walk to the IT department jingled the inner workings and got it going again, someone in IT did something to fix it, it was luck, coincidence, karma etc.

For me, I don’t use my head, I just praise God and give Him thanks. It feels good when life goes well or you have a beneficial experience. It feels good to know that God loves you and He is looking after you. The hard part is to think like that all the time, when life isn’t going well, when you feel down or rejected BUT His word tells us that He ALWAYS has our best interests at heart. What a wonderful thought !! What hope that thought can give us !! No matter what is happening, no matter what our eyes see, He is in charge ! He loves us and is looking after us !! If He is with us, who can stand against us !!

“ Oh, how I love my God !!”


2 Responses to God Is So Good

  1. hendra says:

    Great to know that the computer is ‘well’ again.
    BUT His word tells us that He ALWAYS has our best interests at heart.
    True…I sometimes found it hard to accept the things that are actually happening to me and my family. but when I come to think about how God has our best interest at heart, it makes it easier to try to see it all from HIS perspective.

  2. gefs says:

    Amen, I think that was what I was saying or atleast trying to. Thanks for droppin in again m8, I appreciate your input and feedback 🙂


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