Greek vs Roman vs Jewish vs Modern Education

The Greeks were the first society to have a form of education as we know it today. They would sit around and ponder and share their ideas…philosophy. The Romans took the next step. They ‘trained’ people for positions in the empire. The Jews meanwhile would be assigned ‘teachers’ and would spend much of their childhood in the presence of a Rabbi learning the Holy scriptures and about the nature of God.

Each of these ‘systems’ of education has positive points but which form of education do you think is most prevalent in today’s society ?……….. We use a blend but I think most people will agree we lean heavily toward the Roman system with a portion of Greek and a sprinkling of Jewish IF you have enrolled your kids in a Christian school or are lucky enough to have them at a school that still allows prayer and teaches them something of God.

So what do our schools focus on ? The priority is overwhelmingly pushing children towards a position in the ‘empire’. We no longer do it as blatantly as the industrial evolution era education system, we have developed an appreciation of multiple intelligences and the individuals ability to grow and develop BUT we are still building our children up to become successful consumerists.

I don’t know about you but when I look at the crude oil crisis, global warming, the economic crisis and the plight of tribal communities, deforestation etc I get an overwhelming sense that consumerism IS NOT GOOD ! We need to change our priorities as a race from earning and spending money to learning how to live sustainably and more importantly spiritually. I think now, more than ever there is a real need for our children to be educated about how important it is NOT to live their lives chasing money but chasing God, not ‘taking their eyes from Jesus’, ‘running the race to the end well’ knowing that we will receive our reward at the finish line when we receive a crown from our king.

I’ll leave you with words of wisdom from that ever useful source of wisdom, a bumper sticker “Life is not a job”

GBU and if you are a parent, please remember you are responsible for your child’s education. Don’t just pay the fees and think it is dealt with. Take a keen interest and be an educator. Teach them, especially about God. Question them. Cause them to think. Help them to pray. Instill and impart the right values to them (which you can only do by spending time with them) Invest in your children but most of all LOVE them and make sure they hear it and believe it and know it every moment of every day.


3 Responses to Greek vs Roman vs Jewish vs Modern Education

  1. justice says:

    how does the greek education contribute to our modern education?

    • gefs says:

      Hi Justice,
      It is hard to say exactly how the Greek education system contributes to our modern education system as it is a process of evolution and amalgamation we are looking at. In saying that I would say that the critical thinking and problem solving aspects we have are similar to the way the Greeks trained their young minds. It is interesting that the Industrial era education put little value in critical thinking and problem solving as they were preparing people for positions in factory ‘empires’. The result was rote learning and led to generations who were very good at doing what they were told in the way they were told to do it. BUT we were not created to answer to any higher power other than God himself thus there was and always will be rebellion. Through Jesus Christ we are called to be reinstated in a direct relationship with our creator. We ARE the chosen people and our work is bringing His kingdom to earth through direct relationship and obedience to Him. All the problems we have in society derive from the fact that we are not doing what we were created to do and our education system is magnifying the problem.


  2. Amabel says:

    what are the contributions of the roman education to modern education

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