The Benifits of Sexual Strength

I have written three posts about the battles with sexual temptation :

I have received lots of feedback about the contents of my posts and generally people see them as being too restrictive. Some argue that masturbation is ok, others that there is no biblical basis to them and so on.

I am a thirty year old married male with 2 children. I wrote these posts because I want others to experience the amazing benefits of living a life of ‘sexual righteousness’. I grew up with pornography, teen sex and blatant sexual debauchery being the norm but in recent years I have discovered how wonderful it can be to be strong and faithful in the areas of sex and lust.

When you keep your sex life pure, no pornography, no masturbation, no fantasies outside you and your wife/husband, you discover a whole new world. There is so much danger in allowing a fantasy sex life to develop in your mind BUT there is so much benefit to not doing it. When you and your wife, or husband, are 100% exclusive in mind, body and spirit, you find a whole new level of trust, intimacy and love.

It is definitely not easy, it takes practice and you need to develop habits that keep you on track but if you make the effort, if you are determined not to let the spirits of lust and desire control you, you will reap the rewards.

May your relationships be righteous and all you do bring glory and honor to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.



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