The defining characteristic of God is that He is LOVE. He bent over backwards to ensure that we could remain in relationship with Him all through the Old Testament. When that didn’t work He sent His only Son to die a horrible, humiliating death so that we could be saved and considered worthy to spend eternity in His house.

Everything God does is done out of love. We may not always be able to see that but He has the whole picture to consider. So next time you are feeling unworthy of being forgiven remember this :

There is nothing you can do to make Him love you less

He is infinitely patient and infinitely forgiving. When you stuff up time after time He merely waits to pick up the pieces. Turn to Him today and when you sin and create a gap between you and Him, turn to Him again.

He loves you and the only thing you can do to disappoint Him is move away from Him in your heart.

God Bless You


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