The Biggest Loser

I have been watching episodes of ‘The Biggest Loser’ on TV. The transformation of some of the people is truly astounding. When some of them start the show they are very, very overweight.

When asked why they want to be on the show, almost none of them respond “ To win the prize money” Their responses are almost uniformly “ Because I know if I don’t lose weight I will die ! I want to be around for my family”

The contestants  go through a rigorous eating and workout routine and the results they see each week are generally very good.

The whole thing reminded me of a quote from ‘Crude Impact’ :

“Human beings only seem to seek extreme solutions when faced with extreme problems.”

Here’s one for you …..GOING TO HELL !

That is the most extreme problem anyone could ever face. A friend of mine said if he could do anything to evangelize people he wouldn’t show them Heaven or how great God’s love is, he would take them to hell for 5 minutes ! The cool thing is that even though the problem we face is so extreme, the solution is not. Just believe ! Open your heart to Jesus and do your best to walk in His ways. He will do the rest.

God bless You!


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