What Do You REALLY Know About God ? Part ONE

I am reading a book about philosophy at the moment and the first chapter is about what reality is. The argument goes like this :

You use your senses and the data they give you to determine reality.
Your senses are interpreted by your brain.
Your brain interprets things as you will see them but not according to how they really are

Example :

You look at a table and your brain tells you it is square, brown and about 2 meters by 2 meters.

The thing is, if you are standing at the corner of the table it is technically not square. Form your point of view it is more diamond shaped. From the side it is oblong and so on. Unless you are suspended directly above the table it will not appear completely square. Yet your mind interprets the image of the table and tells you it is square.

Same is true of the colour. Colour is merely wavelengths of light reflecting off a surface. The quality of the air between the surface and your eyes will affect the colour you see and so on.

It is all vaguely interesting but what happens when you apply this to God ?


Is God a trinity ?

Unless all three persons of the trinity have appeared to you, you cannot know that. You can believe it, it may be true but you do not KNOW it in the deepest sense of the word. Test the other parts of your Christian beliefs and what you will find is that a lot of what you ‘know’ about God comes from theology and sermons and other people’s revelations.

I am not going to argue the value of theology, obviously it is essential. The things you truly know of God come through revelation, rhema, first hand experience.

When I consider my own Christian life, the first experience I go back to is my salvation. From my salvation I know that God loves me, personally. I remember the vision of Jesus Christ and the feeling of being embraced in His arms. I recall the feeling of belonging. It is hard to explain bt I would compare it to a soldier lost behind enemy lines, fighting and battling and being wound tight, all his senses primed, filled with fear and despair. Then he finds himself back in safety, surrounded by those that love him and will protect him. His body physically drains itself of all that fear and tension. He is overwhelmed by the fact that he is safe and wants nothing more than to rest in that place, that knowledge.

To Be Continued……..


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