What Do You Really KNOW About God ? ……Part TWO….

It is a bit silly to argue that the table is a diamond just because it appears to be from a certain perspective but it is interesting that our brain processes its appearance so instantly and convincingly. This is all done at a subconscious level and constantly throughout our day.

Our brain does these types of translations using our memory files. We cross check and match what we see against our past memories and this process leads to us interpreting what we are seeing, tasting, feeling, hearing etc.

If you smell a pizza your mouth might start watering because you remember what a steaming hot pizza tastes like. You hear screeching tires and you whole body tenses up, getting ready to react.

When it comes to God it is very important that we do not let this process dictate our Christian life. Let me show you what I mean….

Moses was a man of God. He was obedient and followed God. One day he tapped a rock 3 times instead of 2 and the consequence was that God did not let him enter the promised land.

David was a man of God. He was obedient and followed God. One day he saw a beautiful girl. He ended up having sex with the girl even though he knew she was married and even arranged to have her husband killed when he found out she was pregnant.

If David gained his knowledge of God from the experience Moses had (which in a way he would have), a thought for David would be :

‘AHHHHH !! What have I done ? If God didn’t let Moses into the promised land because of tapping a rock one too many times, what is he going to do to me for lying, adultery and murder ?’

I imagine David would subsequently run from God or even attempt suicide.

In actual fact, David repented and prayed to God for forgiveness. He was told that God had already forgiven Him.

David had a REAL relationship with God !

….To Be Continued….


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