What Do You Really KNOW About God ? ……Part THREE….

The thing to remember is that God never changes, he is completely trustworthy and the same yesterday, today and tomorrow BUT we must not allow our preconceptions to interfere in what God wants from us NOW.

We must have a RELATIONSHIP with Him. We must communicate (speak, listen) on a daily basis. Our assumptions and preconceptions of God lead us astray. We need to be ready to receive orders and carry them out, like an elite soldier tuned in to a superior officer.

Someone else’s revelation is of some benefit but it is of no use unless you know what God wants YOU to understand. Having a third party relationship is no relationship at all. Too many Christians rely on their pastor to describe God for them.

YOU must invest in your own relationship with God. YOU must dig into His word. YOU must knock and seek. YOU must thirst after Him. YOU must persist until you succeed.

You don’t need another church service, another alter call, another renowned Christian speaker or spiritual revival. You need to get on your knees and pour your heart out to YOUR Lord and savior. He will listen. Amen


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