Getting Excited About It !

There is a seen in the movie Brave heart where 2 armies are facing off against each other and they both take turns trying to intimidate the other. They parade before their enemy and insult them and yell at them. African tribes would beat drums and hit their shields as they marched on an enemy. Allied soldiers would sound a horn and charge screaming over the trenches in world war two.

These things are very common on the battlefield. Many famous tacticians have stood by the fact that if you can intimidate your enemy you have them half beaten. People who have been in battle talk about the battle lust when your adrenaline is pumping and the noise surrounds you, your friends are charging with you and you lose all care and respect for life.

The psychological aspect of this is very easy to understand. As you yell and scream and chant you are gaining confidence. When your confidence and adrenaline are at a high, you charge into the battle as a fierce opponent.

Do you get pumped up in your battle with the devil ? When you are tempted, cast him out of your life ! Proclaim that he has no hold, no effect on you ! Get angry at him ! Shout at him! Tell him you belong to Jesus and you answer to Your King alone !

If your blood boils when you think about the way the devil tries to trick and deceive you, don’t stand for it ! Praise the name of Jesus, Amen !


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