What A Thrill !!

I had a great holiday in Bali !! I went paragliding and flew 8 times. I had forgotten almost everything but it soon came back to me. My most memorable flight was just as the sun was setting.

I took off and gained height. As I was soaring I had a view over the land toward a pink and orange sky and to the other side I could see out over the ocean. I felt an overwhelming urge to Praise God and that is exactly what I did.

As I soared above the land, beach and ocean I just gave thanks that God had created such a beautiful earth and He had equipped humans so well that we could work out how to do things like fly.

I left Bali with a wonderful feeling that God is good and life is good. No matter what circumstances throw at me I pray I can keep the perspective that My God is an awesome God and as His son I AM A WINNER !  ( For if He is with me, who can be against me ?)



2 Responses to What A Thrill !!

  1. Steve Garrison says:

    Hi Gef. Do you believe we are living in the last days? The bible says in the last days knowledge will be increased. This high tek computerized world just blows me away. For instance, the way I discovered you. I was praying for a friend of mine who has cancer. I guess theres no hope for him other than God healing him. Anyway I asked God, why. Why dont you heal people like Monty? He loves you with all his heart,he has a powerful ministry even through this terrible disease. Why? The scripture about leaning not on your own understanding came to me. Whether that was God Talking to me or not I can’t say but I googled that scripture and up popped your web site. The first thing that really grabbed me was your story about the little girl begging for handouts and you noticed she was pregnant. My heart just broke for her. It could be ebcause my wife is the director of a pregnancy care center and that ministry has always been part of our christian life. The other thing was the Cow Turd to compost thing. That was slick. I have added your page to my favorites list. I know we will probably never meet this side of heaven but I beleive things happen for a reason so right now i’m praying for you and your family and that little pregnant girl.Being a christain is exciting isn’t it? God bless and keep…….Steve

    • gefs says:

      Hey Steve,
      Thank you very much for your comment, it is nice to know someone is being strengthened and blessed. I think there are a lot of indications that we may be in the last days but in a more important way I don’t think it matters. As Paul said, it is not for the man who starts the race well but for he who runs the race to the end well. Whenever the end comes we just need to do the best we can in the moment and set our sights on the prize, being reunited with Jesus. The end will come like a thief in the night and there is no way we can (or should need to) know when it will be.

      I once saw a World War II veteran speak about being dropped into Normandy. The interviewer asked him if he was scared. He replied that he was at first but then he realised he was ‘already dead’ and had nothing to lose. He reasoned that if he made it through the first day he only had to focus on making it through the second and if somehow, against all odds, God should see him through the war, he would find a quiet place in the country to live out his days in peace.

      For me, I am already dead to the world. Every day is the grace of God. Should He bless me with a tomorrow I will thank Him and do all I can to bring Him glory and honour. Should I not see tomorrow I will just pray that I did all I could to bring Him glory and honour when I had the chance.

      A friend of mine once said “I would rather die young from exhaustion because of serving God than old from falling over in the shower.”

      I am glad that your friend Monty’s ministry is still going strong. Remember to be thankful for whatever time you still have with your friend, not spend your time worrying about the loss you may or may not face. God has your friend Monty in his hands. He is guiding every moment of his life and yes, His ways are higher than ours. Trust in Him.

      I pray that your wife’s ministry is blessed. There is a lot of pain and suffering out there and it is a joy to be a light for those who live in darkness.
      Matthew 5:16 In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.

      Every morning my prayer is the same, “ Lord, help me to do all I can to bring you Glory and Honour in all I do”

      I pray he will do the same for you too Steve. God Bless You

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