Dollens - Spaceship taking off from Moon-500

Imagine you were on the spaceship in the picture above. The environment you had just been in was desolate but it was all you had ever known. You existed there and you knew how to survive, perhaps you had even found some happiness and contentment.

Then one day you realized there was another potential place to live. You set off on a journey to the place in the distance. If you looked at where you were going it would be small compared with the place you were coming from which would fill your perspective.

As you travelled you would reach the half way point and eventually the place you were going would fill more and more of your perspective. Eventually your new destination would be prominent and the place you came from would be small in the distance.

This is an analogy of our walk with God. The old environment is ourselves, our ego. We must leave it behind and take on more and more of His characteristics until the old self we once were is in the distance past and He fills all of our perspective.

God Bless You


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