If you think of your spirit or ‘spiritual man’ as a physical being, what type of person are they ?

Is your spirit man malnourished and weak ? Is your spirit man fat, greedy and lazy ? Is your spirit man well trained and an example of a well tuned machine ?

If your spirit man is malnourished, FEED HIM !! You may be living in a body that gets a big hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs, lunch of pizza and salad and a dinner of steak, potatoes, peas and carrots followed by ice cream and chocolate sauce BUT your spirit man has to starve or make do with a cold snack of bible reading, prayer or worship a couple of times a week.

If your spirit man is fat and lazy you are probably the sort of person who loves being blessed. You go to church or read the bible or pray knowing that you will get something out of it. The problem is you fail to give back (or give away). Look for opportunities to be a blessing. Take the Word of God as it is meant to be taken, literally, and feed the poor and widows.

If your spiritual man is well trained, good. Don’t loose your conditioning. The muscles of a body builder will turn to fat as soon as they stop working out. Keep growing and building in God and as you flex your spiritual muscles the Devil will be rebuked and people will see the good deeds you do and come to know your father in Heaven. Amen


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