A Lesson About Love

For the past 8 years I have been riding my motorcycle for 30 minutes each way to work. I pass through the city of Surabaya and I am exposed to the pollution, the traffic and the ‘life’ of the city.


I took this photo in 2005 or 2006. The young child spends his days at a set of traffic lights begging. He walks around in 35 degree heat on the burning hot road, day in and day out. On my journey through the city I see 10s of similar children.

One girl I noticed many years ago was probably a similar age to the boy in this photo. She would be in a certain area for weeks or months and occasionally she would move to a different corner but I saw her regularly, as I do most of them.

Just recently I was on my way home from work and I saw her. She couldn’t be much older than 14 and I wouldn’t be surprised if she was closer to 12. When I saw her, a week or so ago, she was walking out to the cars at a traffic light and begging for change, she had no shoes on and I noticed that she was pregnant.

My heart cried out and I prayed to God, “Please Lord, guide me. Let me know what I should do.”

I know people who run orphanages, I can motivate people from my church and cell group, I can pay for the birth, I can sponsor the child, I can deliver food and vitamins to the girl during her pregnancy, there are so many ways I can help.

But, what does god want me to do ? If I help that girl, what about all the others I see on my way to work ? Thousands of people living in appalling poverty !

So I spent a week, fasting, praying and asking for input from others. The conclusion I have come to is that I need to trust my spirit. When God puts someone in my path that I can help I need to be ready to ACT.

When we act out of love we can’t be wrong. Yes, we should pray for wisdom in things like this but don’t let doubt and fear creep in. When He is with us, who can be against us ?

I have made the decision to talk to the girl the next time I see her and find out what I can do to help. I may or may not get the chance, she may or may not want or need my help. But I hope it is not to late and next time I feel my spirit cry out I hope I will act first and think later.



2 Responses to A Lesson About Love

  1. Steve Garrison says:

    Gef, were you ever able to contact the little pregnant girl? I’ve been praying for her.

    • gefs says:

      Hey Steve, I haven’t seen the girl again. I contacted some frineds who do ministry work in the area and they are trying to contact her. By now I assume she has given birth, I just pray that the baby and mother are safe and well and hope that i will have a chance to help them in the future.

      I tend to have feelings of guilt and regret as I did have an opportunity to talk to her and didn’t take it. I can only pray that God is loooking after them, which I trust He is.
      God Bless You m8

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