A Sense of Joy

Most people who know me would say I am not a very happy go lucky person. I might seem to take things seriously and never be satisfied, but they don’t know the inner me. I have always been a very intrapersonal person. I think a lot. I analyse myself and the things I do. I talk to God a lot and work on my relationship with Him. I feel regret deeply and constantly ask myself if I am inline with His plans or if I could be doing better.

I have been struggling with running a new department at work. My wife and I have recently been sick. I was cleaning the fridge on the weekend and I put a hole in the freezer so we now need to spend a fortune on a new fridge. The first rain of the rainy season came a few nights ago and our newly renovated roof LEAKS!! I was up at 2:30 in the morning moving furniture and mopping up.

And yet the dominating feeling I have had during all these events is JOY !! I know ,without a doubt, that God will see me through these problems. We don’t have enough money to fix them all instantly, hopefully we can get the roof patched up before it rains again. Hopefully we can scrape together enough for a new fridge before all our groceries go rotten. Hopefully…but if not, so what ? We are still alive !! God is still awesome !! I could be dead tomorrow but if I am not I will praise His Mighty Name !!

Someone sent me a comment a few days ago mentioning his despair because his friend is dying of cancer. We are all dying, slowly or quickly, sooner or later, how great it is to fill our days with joy instead of despair. Of course, this is easy to say when you are not faced with a dying friend but there is a lot to be said for living in the positive.

If your friend recovers, you worried for nothing. If your friend doesn’t recover, you spent your last time together worrying. I think that is what Jesus meant when he said we shouldn’t worry. There’s no point. It will end when it ends. Just do all you can to use your gifts, talents and opportunities to the fullest while you have the chance.

God Bless You, spend this day KNOWING that He loves you, His ways are higher than yours and all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to his purposes.


3 Responses to A Sense of Joy

  1. Steve Garrison says:

    How true. I did a stupid thing lately. I started buying lotto tickets. Only $5.00 a week and I justified it by thinking it was no different than playing the stock market. As I started to go in to check the numbers last week God said to me, I WILL SUPPLY ALL YOUR NEEDS. I said OK God I will check these numbers and then I wont buy any more. He said it again, I WILL SUPPLY ALL YOUR NEEDS.

    • Steve Garrison says:

      I knew what he was saying and what he wanted me to do. It was much the same as when he delivered me from smoking 25 years ago. I needed to make the first move and trust God. 25 years ago I threw the smokes out of the window and God totaly delivered me from them. Last week I tore up the lotto tickets without even checking the numbers. Don’t ya just love Him. I know he will supply all my needs and he will supply yours too.

  2. gefs says:

    Amen Steve !! I have been feeling so ‘pumped up for God’ lately. He has been speaking to me and putting things on my heart, it is great to be ‘living with His spirit’.

    I am reminded of the bible verse about those with eyes who do not see and ears that do not hear. God is tried and true for me. He has picked me up from the depths of despair and blessed me more than i could ever dare to dream. i SEE His goodness in every part of my life and even when i can’t my FAITH and TRUST tell me He is there and everything will be ok.

    God bless you brother. I pray you will take the presence of the Lord with you wherever you go and those you come into contact with will be blessed just for having known you. Amen

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