A New Year Post

Think back to the moment of the count down, The fireworks are going off, family and friends are singing and cheering, hugging and kissing. There is a sense of hope and joy. You have a feeling that a new year is here with new opportunities. You make concious choices to fine tune some aspects of you life. You look forward to a year of success.

Now think about the teenage boy who spent NYE alone on the streets with  feelings of hunger, fear and desperation. Think about the divorced father of three spending his NYE in a lonely apartment or with a prostitute or in a bar. Think about the young toddler with the mosquito bites all over her legs watching her mum and step dad getting high while she has a dirty nappy and hunger pains.

Now think about what YOU are going to do to reach out to these people this year…..this week….TODAY !!

‘For it is from our life, not our words that our religion must be known’ Abraham Lincoln

Matthew 5:16 (New International Version)

16In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.

Don’t wait for another NYE to make another new year’s resolution, resolve to do all you can each and every day. GBU


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