Tears To My Eyes

I was about to collect the camera when I felt it would be inappropriate. I remembered the scripture I was about to collect the camera when I felt it would be inappropriate. I remembered the scripture,
Matthew 6:3 (New International Version) 3But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, 4so that your giving may be in secret. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

“But I want to put photos on my blog” Then a question occurred to me, why do I want to put photos on my blog ? Is it because I want to bring people closer to God ? The answer is definitely YES. But is there also a part of me that wants to have a successful blog, that wants to get lots of hits, that wants to receive comments from people. The answer there is yes as well.

The foundation for what I do is to bring God glory and honour BUT I have to be sure to listen to Him. So when my spirit said ‘take no camera’, that’s what I did. We drove round the streets with our ‘parcels’. The first guy we gave to was sitting with an arrangement of belongings looking like he had nowhere to go. When I got out of the car and approached him he jumped to his feet and said Alhamdulillah (Arabic phrase meaning “Praise to God” or “All praise belongs to God,”) The words told me he was a Muslim, his situation told me he was a middle aged man who needed love and kindness and it was my honour to give just a drop.

We spent the night driving round the city and resolved to hand out the remaining packages the next day after church. We drove round the city the next day and as we rolled down the windows and handed out plastic bags I had forgotten about my dilemma with the camera. When I thought about it, I knew that there was no need to take photos. Most of the people we blessed had their faces etched in my mind and as I went to sleep the previous night I had prayed for several of them. But even more importantly, I knew that when you do things out of love and for the Lord, they are never, never in vain. The exact opposite in fact, He makes them succeed beyond your expectations.

I held back tears as my 5 year old daughter struggled to wind down the car window and lift the bag. But she did it and the man who was pulling the rubbish cart gave a big smile when she said “Pak, Tuhan berkatimu” ‘Sir, God bless you’. I looked in the rear vision mirror filled with a sense of Joy, peace and pride and then I saw the face of our maid in the seat beside my daughters and gave a quiet prayer of thanks to God.

God Bless You


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