I am YOUR brother

Who are you ? Are you the lovely old grandmother of 4, who’s husband past away a few years ago, and who spends her days filled with peace and joy because of the knowledge that you will soon be reunited with your God ? Are you the single mum who facebooks while her eldest is at school and her youngest sleeps ? Are you the kid just home from school, playing on line games? Are you the businessman or professional playing on your comp while you chew down a sandwich at lunch?

Whoever you are….. I am YOUR brother . My name is CHRISTian. Our family is dysfunctional but we have a father who loves us unconditionally and provides for our every need while being infinitely wise and patient in all He does. I LOVE you. I LOVE our Father. I LOVE our family. Although we don’t always get along, even though we don’t always have the same interests or agenda, we are still ONE family, joined by spirit AND by( His)BLOOD !!

God Bless You


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