Do you experience attacks ?

I remember talking to IBU Ester, the person who runs Rumah Sejati orphanage, when we were preparing the CHARGED retreat in 2007. I was telling her how my pregnant wife had mumps and the money for the retreat had been frozen in the bank account and all the people who had agreed to take positions of responsibility in the retreat had pulled out and how WE STILL HAD FAITH THAT THE LORD WOULD SEE US THROUGH.
When I told her all the problems we were having she said (quite calmly and matter- of –factly ) “ Oh yes, that’s why I stopped doing retreats, the effort is too much.” When I dismissively said “ Ahhhh, its ok, I don’t mind a bit of hard work” She replied “ Its the attacks that drain you!”
I experienced it then and I am experiencing it now. Every time you step up to do something for the Lord, the ‘world’ turns against you. Since I have agreed to reach on Sunday I have been praying and meditating and spending more time in the ‘spiritual’ realm. What I have found is that I have been having nightmares, my 2 daughters are sick and little things have been happening. You may put it down to coincidence, you may say it is just bad luck. I am not 100% sure but I definitely think that all of this is part of the battle. The more you step up, the more significant you are and so the more you draw fire. Or perhaps, the more you tune into the spiritual, the more you notice these things.

What do you think ? Any experiences ? Any testimonies ?


3 Responses to Do you experience attacks ?

  1. annaldavis says:

    I completely agree!!!! I posted about this subject after I led our annual women’s retreat last year ( — the spiritual attacks were intense and required me to stay up late praying in the Spirit just to keep the right focus.

    We are entering the planning stages for this year’s retreat. I’ve been steeping myself in Scripture, ready to batten down the hatches!


    • gefs says:

      🙂 I will spend some time in prayer or you!! God doesn’t promise the road will be easy but it is always rewarding ! I pray you will recieve new revelations, a strengthening of your faith and a closer, more intimate realtionship with the Lord as you go into battle for Him.

      I also trust that the work you do in this years retreat will be blessed and the fruit that you bear will glorify the name of the Lord.

      AMEN !! GBU

  2. annaldavis says:

    Thank you for the prayers! And also for your blogging ministry — I have also prayed for you, that God would continue to grow your spiritual vision and lead you through paths of righteousness as He trains you for spiritual battle.


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