God The Conductor

I received an sms last week from the person who runs Ada Hari Esok (There’s a Tomorrow) Orphanage. It said ‘We would appreciate it if you could attend the Christmas celebration of our orphanage next week, day/date/time’. My wife and I went last night as we took some of the kids from AHE on a retreat a few years back and have had a long standing relationship with them. We were keen to catch up with Pak Stefanus and Ibu Mona (The people who run AHE) and the kids who we hadn’t seen since the fellowships we held after the retreat.

When we got to the restaurant I saw a few familiar faces and was very happy to catch up with people. There were hundreds of people there and it turns out that it was a belated Christmas celebration for the orphanage and the church that the orphanage falls under as well as the official launching of a cd the kids from the orphanage and Ibu Mona had made with the goal of helping to financially support AHE.

There was a long sermon and we were sitting at a table with people we don’t know. Both my daughters were tired. Kellie knocked over a glass of red fanta and it spread all over the table. Chloe was a bit sick and tired and miserable and I had the thought of “This is not what I thought it would be like, why are we here ? Is there an exit door close by?”

I was pondering these thoughts when I came to the conclusion that nothing happens without a reason. I said a silent prayer of thanks to God and felt better. Pak Stefanus walked over and shook my hand and said he was glad I was there. We chatted and I asked him where a mutual friend of ours, Ronny was. He said he didn’t know. He pulled out his mobile phone to check my number and punched it in as I dictated it to him. When he finished I glanced at the screen and I saw Ronny’s name come up.

A few minutes later it sunk in that Ronny was the one who was supposed to be invite, not us. At first I felt embarrassed and then I had the thought that I wanted to get out of there ASAP. But then I remembered my prayer of a few moments before. I recalled the vivid realisation that ‘Nothing happens without a reason’.

Long story short, we caught up with the kids from the retreat and they were very, very enthusiastic to see us. They asked when the next retreat would be and were so insistent that we give an answer it convinced me to go for it and prepare another one. It may have been a miscommunication but I trust that God orchestrated everything and it taught me to lean on Him and not my own understanding and trust that ALL things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to his purposes.

Please pray for the ‘Shine For God’ retreat. To be had at a time to be determined.

God Bless You


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