A Follow Up to ‘It’s Amazing What God Will Give You If You Ask’

So I went and preached at the church. I spent the week praying and building my sermon around what God put on my heart. I went with my wife, kids, mother in law, my wife’s aunt and my wife’s grandmother. The worship was powerful and the head of the church introduced me and I did what I had been anointed to do.

But 10 minutes into my 60 minutes I realised I was already half way through what I had prepared. I started to stretch and improvise and made it through to the end. After the sermon I felt a bit disappointed. It wasn’t bad but it didn’t feel great. They thanked me for coming and we headed home. I asked my wife how it was and she said ‘good’, that didn’t help. The next day my wife said she asked her mum if it made sense and was told it did make sense. That definitely didn’t help….no rave reviews !! Did it make sense ? NOT Wasn’t it amazing ?

But the saving grace is that I KNOW that it is not ‘how it feels’ or what people say or if it was smooth or funny or successful. What counts is God gave me seeds, I scattered them and He will send the Holy Spirit and people like me to water them until they bear fruit for His kingdom !!

Amen and God Bless You

P.S . I got a call yesterday from another satellite church. They said ‘We got your number from the Gresik satellite, can you come and preach this Sunday…..morning and afternoon?’ So here I go into battle again. Your support in prayer would be much appreciated.                                                                                                   GBU again.


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