Logos and Rhema

I went through a pretty spiritually intense 2-3 weeks while preparing to preach at 2 different churches. I spent a lot of time reading my bible, praying, meditating and fasting. During this time I received a lot from God.

In the week or so since my last sermon I began to feel kind of flat. I almost made the decision to fast and do some intensive praying but then I remembered something a friend and mentor of mine once taught me.

There is the Rhema…specific will of God, which is what I was experiencing as I got ready to preach. It is intense and provides wonderful revelation. Then there is the Logos…every day will of God. The rhema is when God is talking specifically to you and providing you with revelation for specific tasks. The Logos is what we can deduce from God’s Word and our understanding about Him.

Many people become rhema junkies and constantly chase the intense Christian experience. What we really need to learn is to live in the Logos for the majority of our lives. Mother Teresa revealed in the letters she wrote to her friend in Rome that she hadn’t heard the ‘voice’ of God for decades. She did the majority of her ministry with the strength and guidance that comes from the Logos.

Another danger of trying to live for the rhema experience is that when you don’t get it you can often feel very down and disappointed. I often have the experience that I am almost depressed after an intense spiritual time. This is because normal life seems very dry after you have been hearing directly from God and experiencing life changing revelation through His word. But I am getting better at ‘coming back’ to reality. I now understand that the Rhema experience has its time and place but for the other occasions I have Faith and His word to get me through.

God Bless You


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