So I went to the gym for the first time. I walked in, got a locker and got changed. It has been a while since I went to a gym and when I did it was usually a very small gym close to home. There were rarely more than me and one other person there and the aerobic room was upstairs. I also don’t do a lot of things without my wife and kids. I work, go home and if i go out it is usually with them. I found myself in a very large gym with lots of modern equipment and 20- 30 people working out. The aerobics room was a big glassed in section of the gym and I noticed there was a high impact aerobics class.

Then I noticed a friend of mine who is a pastor. We chatted and caught up and he shared with me about how he has to be careful and keep his eyes from wandering into the aerobics room. I acknowledged the comment and shared how I had written a few post on my blog about similar things and how I was preaching on the radio next week about ‘family’ and how my focus is that we (especially husbands) need to make disciplined choices and protect our eye gate and ear gate from temptation. We continued chatting and sharing and then parted ways.

When I got home I realised how my friend Scott had been a very divine appointment. I hadn’t been fully conscious of it but I had been looking into the aerobics class as there were lots of attractive girls in there. As I said, I rarely go out without my wife and 2 beautiful daughters so am usually focused on them (or if i loose focus it is easy to regain it) but had it not been for Scott I might have drifted off into a world of fantasy and it could have been my undoing.

I thank God that he put a believer in my path to remind and strengthen me. For me I have a wonderful feeling of power when I can say “ Yes, I know that temptation is there but i choose to ignore it !! I love my God, I love my wife and I choose to do the right thing !!!” It is a buzz for me it makes me feel spiritually fit and healthy. I feel proud. It is very similar to the buzz people get from being health conscious and working out. Youfeel good and you don’t want to pollute your body with doughnuts and junk food. You want to eat right, work hard and get good results. I want to let the right things into my life, my spirit in my relationships. I want to pray hard and with God’s grace I will see wonderful results.

God Bless You.


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