I Was Created To Serve Him

I recently returned from a month long holiday in Bali. On one hand it was really nice, waking up whenever I wanted, hanging out with my wife and kids, lazing around on the beach and watching movies or reading books. But there was something missing.

I didn’t feel a sense of purpose. I knew why I was there; to relax, to have a holiday, to catch up with family etc. But something was missing. I enjoyed my time and felt refreshed but I couldn’t work out what it was that wasn’t quite right.

When I returned I made up my mind to fast and spend some time focusing on God. I was about 2 weeks into my fast (only a dawn til dusk fast) and I hadn’t really received an answer or any mighty revelation. I got the sense when i prayed that God wanted me to stick out the whole month and He would fill me in.

I went back to work and started getting into my old routine and kind of forgot that I had been feeling a bit lost and hopeless. Then we went to church last week and the head usher came up to me and said “ Gef, can you help me out? Can you fill in as an usher? Someone hasn’t turned up.” I said no problem and jumped in.
It was as I was watching people worship. I was at the back of the church greeting people and praying for people I set my eyes on and worshipping and then it hit me :

I hadn’t felt ‘lost’ in the past couple of weeks because i was back at work. It isn’t just that I was preoccupied and filling in as an usher put that in context, it is because I am doing what I was created to do. I am working as a teacher, imparting and sharing my walk with God to my students and co-workers. As I did my role at church I realised that the only thing that will bring me true peace and joy in life is doing what God wills me to do.

God Bless You


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