It’s Been a While

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted. Been going through the usual ups and downs of life. Feeling (and perhaps being) distant from God, repenting, seeking Him again, feeling His love and being close to Him.
I have revelations and new lessons to share. In a way I think I have not been posting for a while so I can store up some valuable experiences to share. From here on in I hope to share these things with you and I pray they will be a blessing.

One thing to note is that every day I always check the stats on my blog and even though I haven’t posted in months, people still visit. When I re-read things I have written weeks, months or even years ago I am sometimes amazed and wonder at the fact that these things came from me.

I wonder at the blessing God has given me and the anointing He has blessed me with to share the revelation I am blessed to experience. I pray for His continuing anointing and that the things I post can be a blessing for you my friend.

God Bless You, Gef


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