How GREAT is God !!

So this year is coming to a close. I have posted about how on NYE I prayed and God told me that this was going to be a year where I bear a lot of fruit for His kingdom. Let me just sum up the things that I have observed this year.

Prior to 2010 I had preached at school assemblies, in class and at retreats but never in an actual church. Just days after the New Year began I was asked to preach at a satellite of my church. A few weeks after that I was invited to another satellite. During this year I have preached live on 2 different radio stations on 3 separate occasions, also another thing I had never done prior to my prayer on NYE.

I have had 3 occasions to share in the staff devotion, I have had a new pastoral care class with which I feel I am really making a connection and believe that there are some students in my class that God really wants me to reach out to. All of these things along with the things that I don’t even realize God was using me for !!

I am left with a feel of awe for what God will do in the last 7 weeks of 2010 and anticipation of the things to come in 2011. I am reminded of a song that used to play on TV every Christmas…” So this is Christmas and what have you done? Another year over and a new one just begun.” How has your year been ? GBU


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